PhishBlock Email Reporting Extension

Putting the "Report" in Phish. Train. Report.

Give your company a heads up to real phishing scams

Being able to recognize phishing emails is the entire goal of PhishTrain, and now we can track that progress apart from only PhishTrain simulation emails. A new macro created by PhishTrain will now present itself on all applied emails using Microsoft Outlook or Office 365. If a user using the extension clicks on the key while viewing a possible phishing email, the email will be forwarded to the user's IT department or other selected contact.

Now, all possible phishing emails will be reported and stored for analysis to create even more prevention techniques. PhishTrain uses any data collected to create richer templates and enhanced training exercises. It is up to the IT department of the company to warn other users about the traveling phishing scam, or congratulate users on discovering the scam and notifying the proper superiors.