Simulated Email Phishiing.



Build your own phishing scenario or choose from one of our many pre-made templates. Choose from a variety of industries frequently targeted in phishing attacks.



PhishTrain has partnered with several education partners to provide your company with the ultimate employee training for phishing protection.



Our objective is to provide your company with deeper insight into the security vulnerabilities presented by phishing attacks.

Track Key Metrics

Benchmarking your employees' performances helps compare large threats to others.

PhishTrain provides a rich experience in analyzing and catalogging employee preformance to phishing campaigns. Capture users' click rates, credential enters, and device information on our intuitive dashboard.

Full customization of the dashboard and custom reporting lets you share your data with a familiar look. Custom template generation and grouping also allows you to finely comb your experience.

Teach Your Team

Custom-tailor simulated phishing threats to your liking before testing your employees' knowledges.

PhishTrain provides you with the opportunity to craft phishing campaigns around your desires. With real-time email and landing page editors, you can create any simulation and training combination you choose.

Once a campaign is initiated and the employee interacts, they will be enrolled into an educational module based on your specifications. Landing pages allow for immediate response and feedback while our training partners provide an in depth look into the dangers of phishing.

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