About PhishTrain

Phish. Train. Report.

PhishTrain was founded in 2014 to combat the damage phishing attacks have inflicted on businesses worldwide. By focusing on identifying and training human vulnerabilities rather than buffing the network's firewall, PhishTrain helps to create a culture of security within your company. No longer is security only achievable on a specific secured device. Now, you can be reassured that your employees possesses the knowledge to identify and avoid malicious phishing attacks.

In 2015, PhishTrain partnered with several education partners in order to provide customers with the ultimate employee training for phishing protection. Our partners provide PhishTrain with a world-class educational module that integrates tightly with PhishTrain's simulated phishing, vishing, and SMSishing platform. PhishTrain, in conjunction with our partners, have become the software of choice for securing the human firewall of Fortune 500 companies.